00 - Credits and Special Thanks

This is a page to show credits and special thanks for help people have provided with this tutorial, or things within it.

Firstly, thanks to Danny/Rapptz for making discord.py, without which this tutorial would obviously not exist, nor would countless amazing bots using the discord.py library. His Github profile can be found here.

Next, anand/ares initially helped me a great deal with getting the site up on Github pages, and making the first pages version. A link to their Github profile can be found here.

Enormous thanks to TizzySaurus for sitting for about 2.5 hours with me going through every part making sure it was correct, fixing spelling errors, formatting, and making a bunch more awesome suggestions. I don't know your Github profile, but you helped so much so thanks!

Finally, as much as I don't want to, apparently I should give myself credit, so my Github profile can be found here :P, you can support me on Ko-fi here, and the repo for this tutorial can be found here.

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